Best House Designs for all Home Buyers

Right now, there is a strong focus on living consciously. We are continually thinking about the choices we make today and how they will affect the future.    In our homes, we are making changes to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve resources. Home builders are exploring how to create the best house designs to ensure

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Home Key

Everything you need to know before you build a new home

If you’re ready to take the leap into home ownership and build a new home, you’re in for an exciting ride. So many Australians dream of opening the door to their new home and beginning their life, rent free!  As with any major purchase, there’ll be a few anxious times. That’s perfectly normal. Just remember,

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Intro guide to House and Land Packages

If you’re looking at building a home, what’s your first move? Choose the design of your house OR find a block of land?  Or do you make life easy for yourself and choose a house and land package? Builders, like Blueprint Homes, have a range of house and land packages available in Perth. Each house

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Why you should consider buying a display home in Perth 01

Why you should consider buying a display home

If you’ve ever walked into a display home and said, “This is what I want! I love the home, I love the suburb. I don’t want to change a thing.”   Well, before you start hunting around Perth for a new block, ask the sales consultant if the display home you’re looking at will be up

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How to choose Perth’s best Custom Home Builder

How to choose a custom home builder

You’ve been up and down streets looking at multiple display homes – you like the ensuite bathroom in one but prefer the open plan living area of the other. You’re not alone.  Building the home of your dreams isn’t always straightforward – you need a builder who is both flexible with their design, and willing

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Buying your first home

I reckon, your first home is something you’ll never forget. The excitement I’ve seen on the faces of my family and friends when they decide to buy their first home is always priceless.

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So, exactly what’s ‘included’?

I have written a blog about “Why inclusions make building a new home so much better”, which explains what inclusions are and the time and money you can save by buying a home with an inclusions package.

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Finance for First Home Buyers

Remember the days when buying your first home meant a very scary trip to the Bank Manager. Unless you had a truck load of cash, they treated you a bit like a second class citizen.

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