5 Tips To Help Choose The Best Home Builder In Perth


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There are plenty of home builders to choose from in Perth. The tricky part is choosing one that will deliver the home you’ve dreamed of at a price you can afford. From the outside, it may seem like project builders are quite similar but once you peel back a few layers, you’ll start to see the real difference.

For example, some builders use standard bricks while others use larger, stronger Verticore bricks. Also, some builders will add an extra height to your living areas as standard, not just with the ‘premium’ package. Then there’s the extra work that happens before a single brick is laid to ensure your slab is future protected from rising damp and termites.    

Whether you’re getting ready to build your first home, your forever home or an investment home, we’ve got 5 tips to help you choose the best home builder in Perth.

1. Look for the best ‘value for money’ home builder

Best Home Builder Interior

Value for money can mean different things to different people. You may be looking for a builder that’ll give you a lot of bonus inclusions in your home, like free white goods, upgraded fixtures or landscaping. Or maybe you’re time poor and need a builder to organise everything for you. 

While it may be hard, try not to purchase on price alone. Many of those shiny ‘bonus inclusions’ are not free and will be included with the overall cost of your home. When you’re shopping around for a builder, look at the whole building process and ask yourself:

  • Will my builder make promises they can keep? 
  • Will they look out for my best interests? 
  • Will I get to make structural changes so I can build the home I want?

2. Has your home builder won HIA or MBA awards?

Best Home Builder Awards

The Building Industry has two organisations to monitor the performance and standards of home building companies – the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Master Builders Association (MBA). Both organisations provide a much needed ‘health check’ for builders via their annual awards.

For Blueprint Homes, winning 23 Customer Service Awards (the most of any Perth builder) shows how exceptionally healthy they are. These awards, voted by the customers, are clear proof that at every step of the building process, Blueprint goes above and beyond the industry standard. 

Both the HIA and MBA have their own set of award criteria. To win one of these awards you must excel in the following areas:

HIA Excellence in Service Winner MBA Best Customer Service Winner
✔️ Assist with the design process ✔️ High standard product & service information
✔️ Professional supervision ✔️ High standard face-to-face service
✔️ Communication during construction ✔️ Efficient telephone service
✔️ Quality workmanship ✔️ Use approved contract & documentation
✔️ Responsiveness to changes ✔️ High standard quality control & supervision
✔️ After sales service ✔️ High level of attention to maintenance/repairs
✔️ Value for money ✔️ Adhere to building works programme
✔️ Meet overall expectations ✔️ Effective complaints handling
✔️ Ease of communication and service prior to commencement of construction ✔️ Regular, timely and helpful communications during the building period
✔️ Professionalism of supervision ✔️ Quality handover processes
✔️ Management of a customer service culture

3. Read the home builder reviews and testimonials

Looking at best home builders Perth

Reviews and testimonials can play an important role in the decision-making process. Take the time to look beyond the star rating and read what the customers are saying. This way you’ll get the full story whether it’s a bad or good review. 

Remember, the building process starts well before any brick is laid and finishes well after the handover. You’ll want to choose a builder that has exceptional communication and will always be available when you need them 

4. Choose a home builder that offers custom designs

Best Home Builder Perth Interior

What does it mean when a project builder offers custom design? Well, it means you can alter the house plans to match the home design you want. That may mean moving a room from the front to the back of the home or extending a zone. You may also choose to include a luxury kitchen. 

Knowing that your builder is willing to customise your home design is a huge advantage. You can walk into a display home and work out everything you love and what you’d like to change. Instead of thinking ‘this home isn’t for us’, you can discuss any changes with the builder and design your dream home.  

5. Does your home builder have an established name?

Best Home Builder Bueprint Homes

Building a home will be the biggest financial investment you’ll make. You’ll want to be sure you’re dealing with an established builder with a good reputation. A great place to start your research is industry awards. Have they consistently won awards over the last 10 years? What have they been recognised for?

Also, look at what separates your builder from the rest. Ask what materials they use when building your home and how they go above and beyond with their building practices.

If you’re looking for a builder with an established name and years of experience (not to mention a swag of awards), talk to the team at Blueprint Homes. As Perth’s most awarded builder for service, Blueprint Homes can show you how affordable it is to build the perfect home.

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