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We currently have 163 house and land packages in Perth avaliable!

Find the perfect house & land package in Perth, WA

Blueprint Homes can help you find the perfect house and land package in Perth.

Finding the right block of land for your home design is essential. When selecting a house & land package, you must consider a block that’s the right size and shape, while in the suburb you want to live.

Blueprint Homes has a specialised land locator team who can help you navigate new land developments and source a suitable block to suit your house & land requirement.

Best Suburbs in Perth

Blueprint Homes has access to the best suburbs and land developments in Perth, WA.

Finding the right block for your home design can be difficult.
Blueprint Homes exclusive residential land locator work with all the land developers to source the right block of land.

Blueprint Homes is updated daily on the latest land estates, so you don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity.

Using Blueprint Homes can:

  • Save you thousands on land
  • Secure the perfect block of land
  • Check land guidelines
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What is included inside:
  • How much does it cost to build a home?
  • How to design your perfect home?
  • How to find the right block?

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