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At Blueprint Homes, we have a great range of new home designs to choose from but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to our design ideas only.

In fact many of our customers find choosing the floor plan they like is just the starting point for their design thinking. From there they make changes to the layout, form and function to suit their individual requirements.

And we’re more than happy to accommodate. Indeed we’ll review your suggestions and combined with years of design and building experience, add to your thinking to offer up alternatives that you may not have even considered.

Would you like the master bedroom moved to the rear of the house for improved privacy? No problem – we’ll make it work. How about adding a scullery to the kitchen? Easy done. Or perhaps you like a floor plan but just want to make the entire layout larger (or smaller!) to fit your block. We can do it.

Building a new home is a big investment and we’re committed to making sure it’s absolutely perfect for you.

To find out more about customising a floor plan you like contact us today on (08) 9440 1800 or enter your details in the form.

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How to Build the House You Want Without Worry, Stress or Nasty Surprises

Scott Cam walks you through the need-to-know details of building a new home. Get this ultimate guide to peace of mind and avoid budget blowouts, design disasters and any risk of being ripped off!

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