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When it comes to choosing an investment vehicle, there’s little out there that can match the sense of control that solid brick and mortar affords… and believe it or not, Perth property is a solid hot spot for your next property investment.

3 Reasons Savvy Investors Are Snapping Up Perth Property:

Reason #1:

Firstly, with Western Australia’s recovering economic landscape following the mining boom, now is a good time to enter the property investment market in anticipation of the “property clock” cycle turning positive in the next few years.

Reason #2:

A second indicator is Perth’s projected population increase. Latest reports indicate expected growth of nearly 25% in the next 15 years. With these numbers, it’s likely Perth property presents reliable ROI in the medium to long term with relatively minimal risk.

Reason #3:

This third reason becomes evident when comparing Perth’s current property prices to those on the East Coast. The value presently available for both house and land investment locally is undeniable. Sophisticated investors are fast snapping up Perth property because they understand that now represents a genuine opportunity to catch the market before its inevitable upswing.

Why not take their lead and increase your own financial security through property investing in Perth?

Advantages of building to invest

If you’re looking to build to invest there are multiple options worth considering:
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One off new builds

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Turn key homes

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House and land packages

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Duplex, triplex or multi-site developments

There are also several advantages of choosing a newly built residential asset, for example it:

How Blueprint supports home investors

With so little hassle, it’s really the smart way to kickstart (or grow) your Perth investment property portfolio.

At Blueprint Homes, we work with you, along with our finance partner InReach Finance, to help you leverage equity in your existing home and apply it towards achieving your investment goals.

During this process we model your best loan options and even calculate your potential returns.

We also make it very easy for you to get comprehensive design, build and project management all in one place…

From straight-forward house-behind-house designs on your existing block, to duplex or triplex developments – or more complex multi-unit sites.

Whatever you have in mind, the Blueprint Homes Development Team offer full service oversight of your entire project.

In fact, we are experts at strata development and are able to assess, value, advise and manage your strata development project.

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Strata & Multi-site: Blueprint’s Development Team

Blueprint’s Development Team ensures that your strata duplex, triplex or multi-site development project is a hassle and stress-free one, designed to maximise your block’s potential and investment yield.

With over 25 years of experience in the Building Industry, our specialist Senior Design Consultant Mark Lawrence has assessed, valued, advised and managed over a thousand new home and strata development projects. So to build your own dream home on your strata block, or for investors looking to maximise your returns for a house behind house, duplex or triplex, speak to Mark.

Why Invest With Blueprint Homes?

Developing with Blueprint Homes means you will benefit from:

Blueprint Home’s expertise, sound advice and guidance to-date has been invaluable to residential investors looking to maximise their returns.

Beat the property clock upswing and start planning your new investment today. Contact a Blueprint Homes’ Consultant on 08 9440 1800.

Quality Construction.
Unsurpassed Customer Service.
Enviable Reputation.

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