Forever Homes

You’ve had a first home, maybe two or three… along with memories and more! But at this point you want a home you can live in… ‘forever.’

This may entail raising a family and you are looking for a home that will accommodate the pitter patter of little feet, then tech-savvy teens – and ultimately young adults.

Or it could mean you’re at the point of retirement and want to downsize but still with space for grandchildren to play and stay.

And while in your mind’s eye you can picture various elements of this home, it can still be a challenge to know the full quota of things to think about for this home that’s different from those you’ve had before.

Lifestyle Today –VS– Down The Track

Planning to live in one home for 20 years or more means it will need to cater to lifestyle changes along the way.

To start with, take a sheet of paper and a pen, and give yourself a quiz:

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How much space will you want and need in the short term?

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Do you plan on having a family, and how large?

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Can kids rooms be used as guestrooms or an office once they leave?

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What design features will you find useful now?

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What design features will you value having later?


What hazards do you need to be mindful to avoid for young or old?

It can help to ask your own parents what they would want in their home assuming their lifestyle has shifted into retirement.

Designing with all of this in mind could involve having wider doorways (for prams, wheelchairs) or could spell a single storey home that avoids staircases altogether.

Forever Homes

Invest in solid, practical fixtures and fittings

If you build your home with the end in mind, you’ll be well placed to choose pieces that will work for you no matter what season of life.

An example can be lever-type door handles (as opposed to round handles.) These are easier for both children to use. The same goes for paddle taps as opposed to twisty taps.

With a forever home, it’s the details that make a big difference! Of course you can replace fittings as you get older – but how much better if you don’t have to.

Forever Homes

Choose a classic, timeless design that lasts

To make sure your home stands the test of time and isn’t a fashion mis-fit as time trends on, opt for timeless and classic designs and styles. This along with neutral colours and tones will ensure your home looks fantastic for years to come. You’ll also save on expensive renovations later down the track.

Important: Budget for your ‘forever’ build

If the plan is to live in your home for 30-plus years, then it’s worth the investment to spend the time and money to plan and cater for exactly what you want.

The alternative is to upgrade or change things in the future – but again this will also require a budget in itself. If you plan to stop working, then getting a loan may be difficult to access, and there is also inflation to consider. All up it may be that renovation expenses won’t be as easy to cover later down the track.

If you are looking to get started with building your forever home, Blueprint Homes has a range of striking designs that are sure to lock in a fabulous lifestyle over the course of many years.

Forever Homes

Book Your Free Professional Design Consult

To start with, book a Free Design Consult and see what’s really possible. This appointment is an excellent overview of the designs you can work with. You’ll take away highly valuable insights and clarity about what you want – and what to expect.

And, should you end up deciding to build with Blueprint Homes – our VIP Customer Service Programme will ensure that you’ll always know what’s going on, every single step of the way.

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