Why Choose A Builder That Offers Custom Floor Plans?


Designing a custom floor plan   

When you decide to build your dream home, you’ll want it to look exactly as you imagined. Whether it’s expanding the size of your entertaining area or having a luxury kitchen – you’ll want to choose a builder who can customise your floor plan and deliver exactly what you want.

It sounds easy, right? Well, there are two ways to approach this. The first is to get your home designed by an architect or draftsman and engage a custom builder to build your home. The big issue here is cost. You will get what you want but you’ll pay a lot for it.

The second approach is to find a project builder that offers custom floor plans. You may have found a home design that’s similar to what you want but you’d like to make adjustments or you’ve got the design ideas in your head and you need someone to put them onto paper. A builder like Blueprint Homes can do this at no extra cost. Clearly, this is a much more affordable way of building your dream home.

Apart from the savings, why else would you choose a project builder that offers custom floor plans? Let’s take a look.

Your floor plan is custom designed around you

Custom floor plan - living area

If you’re building a home that you’re going to be in for a long time, you’ll want it to match your lifestyle. Maybe you’re the outdoors type and need a bit more width or height in the garage for your ‘big boy’s toys.’ Or you love your movies and would prefer a larger theatre room. If you choose the right builder and let them know your ideas up front, they will custom design the floor plan you want.

It’s also important to consider unexpected lifestyle changes, like working from home. It may not require a big adjustment to your floor plan but creating a separate study away from the main living area is well worth considering.  

Some of the most common custom additions or alterations include:

  • Adding a scullery to the kitchen (standard in many Blueprint Homes’ floor plans)
  • Relocating or removing a room
  • Increase height of living or family room ceiling (also standard in many Blueprint Homes’ floor plans)
  • Lengthening or widening a room or zone
  • Upgrading from standard fixtures to luxury features

Custom designing a floor plan to fit your block

Custom design home on block

When you begin customising your floor plan, make sure you consider how your home is positioned on the block. Your builder should advise you early on how to position your home to maximise natural light and warmth. This usually involves facing your living areas towards the north as much as possible. By doing this, your main living areas will receive sunlight for the longest part of the day in winter and will be shaded by the eaves of your home in summer. Not only will you be more comfortable in your home but you’ll also save an enormous amount off your heating and cooling bills.  

If you’ve visited display homes recently and thought the home is too big for your block – think again. A custom design builder can adjust the whole layout to ensure the home fits your block perfectly. On the flip side, if you have a large block and want a home that will fill the space, you can expand or add to your favourite design as much as you want.

How to start custom designing your home

Discussing custom foor plan

So, what’s the first step to building a custom designed home? You’ll need to choose a trusted builder – one that guarantees what they say and can back up. 

At Blueprint Homes, we offer all customers our Peace of Mind Pledge. This pledge assures you that the home you want is the home you’ll get. Using our Design Matrix, you’ll be able to sit with our design team and adjust the home layout exactly as you want. This means you see and approve everything before a single brick is laid. Now that’s peace of mind! 

Our Peace of Mind Pledge is one of many  reasons why Blueprint Homes have won a record number of Customer Service Awards from the HIA and MBA. In fact, the first criteria to win such an award is ‘Assistance with the Design Process’. We take great pride in being recognised for our dedication to our customers and delivering them the perfect home.   

If you want a custom designed home, without any added costs, contact Blueprint Homes today.

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