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A big advantage of building is you are finally able to design your house the way you want – and lock in a floorplan that works!

If you build with Blueprint you’ll have a fabulous range of designs to choose from – but you don’t have to stick to these ideas.

Did you know Blueprint can take the design ideas in your head, put them on paper, and create a custom design home plan for you?

Want to customise your home’s layout? No worries! Switch rooms at the front of the house to the back, make your wardrobes bigger, or add an island to your kitchen… the list goes on.

Blueprint put their years of design and building experience towards helping you find options that achieve the perfect home for you. Plus, their Design Matrix means this can be done on the screen right beside you, making it dead easy.

This is great because having choices when building is important. What’s worth pointing out here is that Blueprint Homes offer an actual “Peace of Mind Pledge” which assures you that the home you want will be the home you get! Definitely ask your consultant about this. Now, more on designing that home you’ll love to live in…

Here’s 6 key considerations to keep in mind:


1. Make the most of your site

Maximise the position of your house and check its orientation. This will keep running costs low, and maximise light.

2. Have living spaces that flow logically together

Think about how you will want to move and function in each space and you’ll achieve a resilient design that delivers a great living experience.

3. Ensure you have enough height clearance where needed

Check that your garage door opens to a height that will fit a 4×4 with roof racks (even if you don’t drive an SUV or large vehicle, future buyers of your house may do!)

4. Make sure you don’t miss any critical design elements using Blueprint’s Design Matrix

When building with Blueprint, your personal info session will include the Design Matrix tool, which allows you to make any changes you want.

Remember, bustling activity areas and workspaces (for example, a kitchen) need enough space and good design to maximise their intended function and flow. Note: Blueprint also go the extra mile by making sure you get a drawing that’s true-to-scale, something not offered by other builders at this stage.

5. Create spaciousness using light, flow between spaces and clever storage

Blueprint actually whip up a 3D walk-through of your exact design! This gives you a 3D look and feel of your home, giving you another perspective for spotting changes you’d like to make before you start.

This 3D plan also gives you a sense of room size and assesses how your furniture (ie. your dining room table or king-size bed) will fit. It also helps you think up smart solutions for storage.

6. Finally, you’ll want to check out Blueprint’s “MyHome Hub”

Available online, MyHome Hub lets you create a custom street-front elevation. Change bricks, colours, textures… even your front door! It’s great fun, and very handy for achieving the look you’re after.

If you have specific ideas in mind, let a Blueprint consultant know because often there’s already a plan that’s very closely suited to you.

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