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Buying your first home

I reckon, your first home is something you’ll never forget. The excitement I’ve seen on the faces of my family and friends when they decide to buy their first home is always priceless.

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Finance for First Home Buyers

Remember the days when buying your first home meant a very scary trip to the Bank Manager. Unless you had a truck load of cash, they treated you a bit like a second class citizen.

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So, exactly what’s ‘included’?

I have written a blog about “Why inclusions make building a new home so much better”, which explains what inclusions are and the time and money you can save by buying a home with an inclusions package.

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How to Build the House You Want Without Worry, Stress or Nasty Surprises

Scott Cam walks you through the need-to-know details of building a new home. Get this ultimate guide to peace of mind and avoid budget blowouts, design disasters and any risk of being ripped off!

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