Why you should consider buying a display home


Why you should consider buying a display home in Perth

If you’ve ever walked into a display home and said, “This is what I want! I love the home, I love the suburb. I don’t want to change a thing.”  

Well, before you start hunting around Perth for a new block, ask the sales consultant if the display home you’re looking at will be up for sale. 

Building companies, like Blueprint Homes, have a range of ex-display homes for sale, often in new estates or premium established suburbs. 

So, why would you consider buying an ex-display home? Apart from getting a home you love, your display home will also come packed full of exciting extras. 

Let’s take a look at how you can purchase a premium home without paying a premium price.

What type of extras can you expect in your ex-display home

Building companies use display homes as one of their major sales tools and often there are bonuses added to the home to entice potential buyers. This is great news for you as you’ll end up buying the premium version of your dream home.


Display homes are generally bigger in every way. They may have increased ceiling height,  wider hallways, bigger bedrooms and more elaborate bathrooms, as well as an extra generous living area. If you decide to build a home and want the same features, you may find they are not standard and will incur extra costs. 

Fixtures and Fittings

Display homes offer builders and suppliers the chance to showcase their premium fixtures and fittings. Things like taps, benchtops, cabinetry and window fittings. All of these play a big part in selling a home design.

A display home needs to be the very best version of that particular design. To create that, builders will generally use the highest quality products. If you’re building, and you’re on a budget, these premium priced fixtures and fittings may ordinarily be out of reach.


You may already know and love the suburb where your ex-display home is situated. If you do, then that’s a bonus. If you’re looking for a street with equally appealing homes, you’re also in luck.

Display homes are usually built next to each other, so you’ll be right next door to other premium homes. Also, when building in a new estate, builders often choose   a convenient and friendly location for the display home – possibly close to parks or schools.

Why you should consider buying a display home in Perth


Interior and exterior finishings in display homes are often designed and fitted out by professionals who are up-to-date with modern trends. The landscaping will be well maintained  and the interior will have been cleaned regularly. Often, there is little to do when you move into your new (ex-display) home.

If that’s not enough reason to look at buying an ex-display home, consider this – you get to move in right away. If the builder is no longer needing to use the home for display purposes, then you should be able to move in as soon as you like. No waiting for people to move out and, of course, there’s no waiting for the home to be built.

Blueprint Homes currently have several ex-display homes for sale online. If you’ve visited one of Blueprint’s display homes recently and you’ve fallen in love with both the home and the suburb, ask the sales consultant if, and when, the home will be on the market.

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