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Right now, there is a strong focus on living consciously. We are continually thinking about the choices we make today and how they will affect the future.   

In our homes, we are making changes to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve resources. Home builders are exploring how to create the best house designs to ensure homeowners can live smarter and become more energy efficient.   

So, what can we expect to see from Perth home builders in the coming years? Flexibility should be high on the list.  Those who can customise their home designs to meet customer’s requirements will be in high demand. 

Whether you’re a first home buyer or upgrading the family home, keep reading to find out how to choose the best house design for today and the future.


Past House Designs 

Over the past 100 years, we’ve seen a multitude of house designs dominate the Australian landscape. Even if we go right back to the boom of the Californian bungalow or sleek Art Deco designs, Australian homes always made a bold statement from the outside.

As we moved through the 80s and 90s, homes got bigger. Separate living zones were created for parents and children. Then came the open-plan living design that we still see now.

Today, homeowners are paying more attention to how their houses are being built. They know that a well-designed home will be more energy efficient, which will result in long-term savings. There is also a lot of discussion around incorporating new technology into the home. 

Of course, style is still an essential element in the home building process. The minimalist look remains popular with its open spaces and decluttered feel. This type of design also creates a house that’s comfortable and very liveable.


The Design Process


Home builders, like Blueprint Homes, are not only creating sustainable homes, they are also listening to the needs and wants of their customers. A lot of thought goes into designing the floor plan for each new home, however, sometimes the design needs to be customised to suit the homeowner.  

If you wish to move or expand a room or switch a bedroom from the front to the back of the home – you should have the opportunity to do so. Talk to your builder’s design team and discuss your options in length. You may even unearth some design ideas you hadn’t considered. 


Smart House Design


We all know how fast technology is improving. Today’s home needs to be adaptable when upgrades in technology occur. The market for automation and smart living is already huge and it’s only going to continue growing. 

By embracing technology, you’ll be able to monitor your expenses more closely and reduce your energy consumption. It puts you in control.


Your home builder should look at every opportunity to create an energy-efficient home. This starts with positioning the home to take advantage of natural light, ventilation and any natural heating or cooling. 

Having a builder who allows you to customise your home will give you the opportunity to add even more energy-efficient tools, such as double-glazed windows. 

Outdoor living

When we talk about embracing natural energy, the conversation often leads to things like solar panels. However, one design element you need to think about is how your home embraces the outdoors. 

Spending time outside on a warm summer’s night instead of running the air conditioning inside is a true energy saver. Ask your home builder how you can incorporate outdoor living into your home.


Trends for 2020 and beyond

It’s tough predicting what house design trends will last through the decade. While it’s unlikely that we’ll see the return of Art Deco exteriors, we may see retro 70s and 80s interior styling continue to be popular. 

With people spending more time in the home, comfortable, modern designs will remain a focus for home builders. The cost of living will probably continue to increase, which will mean smart technology and energy efficiency will be vitally important. 

If you want a builder that can customise the design of your new home, talk to Blueprint Homes. You’ll get to see your house design in 3D before any work begins – it’s the only way to really visualise what your new home will look like.

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