What To Look For In A New Home Builder


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What should you be thinking about when choosing between home builders? The excitement of building a new home can often overshadow the finer details. However, when you’re talking about an asset that will be the biggest purchase of your life, the finer details are crucial.  

Everyone has their own process when selecting what style of home they want to build. Some will go for looks, others will dig a bit deeper and see what’s underneath – for example, what materials are used – or you may decide that the reputation of the builder is most important. The best thing you could do is to incorporate all three. 

Remember, this may be your forever home or the home you raise your family in – it’s vital that you do your research. To get you started here are some key points to consider.


What materials do home builders use?


It’s often the things you don’t see that make all the difference in a finished house. For instance, the type of bricks used. Many single storey homes are built using fastwall bricks, whereas Blueprint Homes is one of the few Perth home builders to use verticore bricks (traditionally used in two storey construction). While you may not realise the benefits straight away, you will over time. Verticore bricks bond more mortar, therefore there’s less risk of cracking and maintenance.

Another area that’s usually out of sight is the ceiling. When you build a home, you expect the ceiling to remain where it is – however that’s not always the case. It all depends on the space between ceiling joists. The wider the joists the more likely your ceiling will sag over time. If you want a straighter ceiling, with no sagging, check that your builder uses narrow spaced ceiling joists.


Home builders that assist with finance


Having a home builder that helps you financially can relieve a lot of stress during the building process. If you’re buying a block, building a home and possibly renting at the same time – it can stretch your finances. Ask your builder what financial assistance they can offer. 

Some builders will also do most of the financial legwork for you. Instead of you contacting all the banks and getting the best deals, they’ll bring the banks to you – including the big banks. It’s well worth talking to your builder before you start researching lenders as you may discover a whole range of financial assistance available. 


Home builder’s reputation


Every year, Perth home builders are judged by two main organisations – Master Builders WA and Housing Industry Association. Awards are handed out in various categories including design, construction and service. The HIA customer Service awards are voted by customers who are asked to rate their builders across a variety of areas, including:

  • Assistance with design process
  • Communication during construction
  • Quality of workmanship
  • After sales service
  • Value for money

Choosing a builder that has been awarded multiple times by both organisations is a great start to your home buying journey. Not only are they recognised by their industry for their excellence in design and construction, but they are equally admired by their customers for their superior service. 

As with any major purchase, doing your research is important. If you’ve got questions you need answered before you start the building process, contact Blueprint Homes. Alternatively, you can download a copy of the Ultimate Home Buyer’s Guide. This guide covers everything you need to know about the building process and answers questions you may not have even thought of.  

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