How Do House and Land Packages Work?


House and Land Packages - New Home

Once you’ve decided to build your dream home, you’ll need to make another big decision – buy a block and a home design separately or choose a house and land package.

If you choose to buy your house and land separately, you’ll have to do a lot of pre-planning. Firstly, you need to make sure the home you want to build will fit on your chosen block. That includes using the block to maximise natural features like the sun, which provides added warmth and natural light in winter.    

The alternative is to buy a house and land package. This takes out all the guesswork as the builder has already planned and designed the perfect home for the block position and size. If that sounds like a much easier way to build, let’s look at how house and land packages work. 

What is a House and Land Package?

House and Land Packages - Kitchen

House and land packages offer a bundled deal where you get both a new home and the land on which it will be built. Unlike buying an established property or undergoing a custom build on your own patch of land, this dual purchase allows for a simplified home-buying process.

Key Features

Turnkey Solutions: These packages usually come as a turnkey solution, meaning everything from the soakwells to the kitchen sink is included in the price.

Streamlined Process: Your builder will act as a central point of contact helping you find the perfect home to suit your block of land or the land to suit your selected home design.

Benefits of a House and Land Package

House and Land Packages - Plans


You’ll find that house and land packages offer better value for money. Stamp duty savings are a big selling point because you only pay stamp duty on the land component and not the house, saving you a significant amount of money. If this is your first home, you may also qualify for the First Home Owner Grant.  

Time Saving

Forget about juggling multiple parties, from architects to contractors. A house and land package eliminates the need for you to play middleman, saving you time and possibly a few grey hairs.

Can Be Customised

Though these packages come with pre-designed options, there’s often room for customisation. You can modify the floor plan, choose your finishes and add features that suit your lifestyle, without having to start from scratch.

House and Land Packages for First Home Buyers

House and Land Packages - Interior

Your first home may not be your forever home, but you need to start somewhere. For first home buyers, house and land packages are ideal. You’re getting a new home, suited to the block and no surprises. If you are building for the first time, you’ll be glad you won’t have to deal with any of these issues. 

Avoid Unforeseen Costs

One of the most daunting issues with custom-built homes is the ‘unknown cost factor’. Unforeseen costs can pop up at any stage, disrupting your budget. With house and land packages, once you’ve settled on the house you like and found the perfect block your price rarely wavers. Siteworks are still a provisional sum which is outlined in your contract.

Planning and Zoning Issues

When you buy land separately, you’ll have to ensure your proposed house design complies with land developer and shire guidelines. For first-time builders, it can feel like a bureaucratic nightmare. These issues are generally already sorted in a house and land package, offering you peace of mind.

So, if you want to build your dream home with minimal disruptions and complications, talk to Blueprint Homes about a house and land package. Right now, Blueprint Homes have over 119 house and land packages across Perth.

Don’t forget to ask about our exclusive Residential Land Locator. We collaborate with leading Perth land developers to give you access to prime homesites and exclusive land across the metropolitan area. When you register with Blueprint Homes, you gain priority in securing land in your preferred location, backed by the trust and recognition we receive from our land partners. This not only saves you money but also ensures you avoid common pitfalls in land selection, such as overlooking the cost of siteworks or poor block orientation. We guide you through building codes and financial considerations, ensuring your land choice complements your home design perfectly. 

When you add this to our Peace of Mind Pledge you can rest knowing that no stone is left unturned to help you realise your home ownership dream. 

For more details about house and land packages and how to access exclusive land releases, contact Blueprint Homes.

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