Escape the rent trap and own your own brand new home

As one of Perth’s leading home builders, we work directly with new land developers with estates from all over the metropolitan region.

  • Money that would ordinarily be paid into rent now goes towards paying a mortgage, reducing your debt.
  • As debt reduces and home prices invariably increase over time, equity is created and wealth is accumulated.
  • The current low and relatively stable interest rate environment allows you to reasonably budget for your monthly mortgage repayments. Your landlord can’t suddenly increase your rent when your lease is up.
  • Increased stability – no more packing up and having to relocate if your landlord chooses to sell their investment property.
  • Your home is your own to do with exactly as you wish!
  • You’re paying off your own home, not someone else’s.

Mostly though, owning your own home is a proven pathway to long-term financial wellbeing and allows you to plan for the future, which is important, especially if you have a family to look after.

If you’re tired of renting and would like to become a new homeowner Blueprint Homes can help.

With help from our InReach Finance specialists, we can assess your current finances and work out what you can afford. Then we can help you with everything from finding the perfect home design, to locating a block of land in a suburb you love and arranging all the necessary finance.

We’ll even help you out with savings plan to get you started or assist you to access the $10,000 FHOG if you are a first time buyer.

So escape the rent trap and contact a Blueprint Homes representative today on (08) 9440 1800 to start your new home journey.

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