We employ an Exclusive Residential Land Locator who works with all the major land developers to source land for our clients.

They are up-to-date with all the latest land estates from all over the metropolitan area day by day.

They will register your details and can secure preference for you when land becomes available in your preferred location.

Land partners tend to acknowledge clients with commitments and pre-approvals in place with preferred building partners such as Blueprint Homes.

How to secure your land.

  • $1,000 deposit will get our Exclusive Residential Land Locator to source land for you.
  • If land is not found after 8 weeks $1,000 will be refunded in full.
  • Due consideration needs to be given to all land parcels found by our Exclusive Residential Land Locator.
  • Upon signing the NHA the $1,000 land locator fee will form part of the $2,000 required for file submission.

$1,000 is payable in advance prior to Blueprint Homes Exclusive Residential Land Locator proceeding with a search for land.

If suitable land is not found within eight weeks the $1,000 is fully refundable.

Upon signing a New Homes Agreement with Blueprint Homes the $1,000 deposit will form part of the $2,000 file submission cost.

Due consideration needs to be given to all land selected by the Blueprint Homes Exclusive Residential Land Locator.

Blueprint Homes reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time.

Once a client agrees in writing or verbally that the land located by Blueprint Homes is suitable and is purchased, if they do not proceed with the build, the $1,000 will be retained by Blueprint Homes as a success fee.

Scott Cam




Scott Cam