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When exploring the ins and outs of designing a new home, it can be tricky to know what a realistic budget looks like, what you can achieve for cost – and exactly where to start.

That’s why getting help navigating the building design process with Blueprint Homes’ zero-obligation New Home Design Consult is a great way to get the ball rolling!

And, while we pack as much value into our New Home Design Consult process as we can, the best part about it is it’s completely free of charge.

What does a design consult involve?

The first step is of course booking your appointment.

You’ll need to set aside a couple of hours during which our Design Consultant will first determine your goals, the design you ideally want – and other parameters of your building brief.

Next, your Consultant will help you identify a realistic budget for the kind of new home design you want.  She will also walk you through a range of existing designs, discuss your own ideas – and the styles of home you’re most drawn to.

It’s important to remember that this is your appointment.  Feel free to completely let loose about how you’d like your new home’s exterior, interior and architecture to look.

Be sure to put each and any thoughts on the table and get all the insights you can because your Design Consultant will sketch out design possibilities to suit.

The process will not only help you start off on the right foot with designing a new home, but you’ll also get clarity and peace of mind about when is the right timing for you to build – which allows you to plan accordingly.

Afterwards if you do decide you’re ready to build a new home, you’ll be a lot clearer about what’s involved.

What questions should I ask at my appointment?

You really don’t need to know anything at all about the building or design process when you arrive at your consultation.

It’s important too that you feel comfortable asking any question at all without feeling foolish.

Our consultants typically assist a range of customers from first home buyers/builders to seasoned investors who have already built homes many times over.  There really are no ‘silly’ questions.

It can help to brainstorm all the questions you might have, list them on paper and bring that to your meeting to discuss with your Blueprint Design Consultant.

Also bring any sketches of rough plans you’ve made, pictures of designs and architecture you’ve collected and other homes you’ve seen.  Of course, only if you have them.

Your Blueprint Design Consultant will naturally want to know as many details as possible about how you see yourself living in your new home.

If you already have your land take details along with you.  If you like to entertain, let her know!  If you’re planning on growing your family, that’s important too.  Backyard? Big or small? Do you want a pool?

All this information matters because it’s these details that will help her give you an idea of budget, timeframes and home design parameters.

Also, when we say ‘no obligation’ we mean it

The entire objective of this appointment is to guide you as much as possible towards the new home design destination you’re dreaming of.

Of course we’ll be stoked if you choose Blueprint Homes as your builder, but you can rest easy knowing that this Design Consult appointment is entirely pressure-free.

Blueprint Homes care about you and are genuinely here to help.

Quality Construction.
Unsurpassed Customer Service.
Enviable Reputation.

Scott Cam
How to Build the House You Want Without Worry, Stress or Nasty Surprises

Scott Cam walks you through the need-to-know details of building a new home. Get this ultimate guide to peace of mind and avoid budget blowouts, design disasters and any risk of being ripped off!

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