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Perth City

The recent housing boom certainly prompted a spike in land sales, but thankfully Perth has a large suburban sprawl. So, if you think there’s no land to build your dream home, think again. There are plenty of house and land packages available, you just need to know where to look. 

Normally, when new land is about to be released, a handful of Perth builders will hear about it first. Blueprint Homes is one of those builders. So, if you want to snap up a house and land package in Perth, it’s best to talk to Blueprint Homes first. Not only will you save yourself the hassle of searching for land every day, you’ll also get the early word when land is about to be released.

Let’s look at where you can find the best house and land packages and why buying a house and land package is your best move.

Suburbs where you can find house and land packages

Land and Home

Currently (February 2022), Blueprint Homes has 150 house and land packages available across Perth. Many are in new estates, while some land is available in established sought after suburbs. As we mentioned, Perth has a large suburban sprawl, and the house and land packages can be found north and south near the coast as well as east of Perth. Here are some of the suburbs you’ll find house and land packages.

North of the River

Perth Beach


The coastal suburb of Jindalee features several established areas as well as new land estates. It sits on the ocean side of Marmion Avenue, just north of Quinns Rocks, making it the perfect spot to keep cool in summer. All major amenities are just minutes away, including a major shopping centre, train station, schools and a wide range of dining options.    


Bordering Jindalee is the larger suburb of Alkimos. The suburb lies on both the east and west sides of Marmion Avenue and continues to attract families and first home buyers. Train facilities are already nearby but will be even closer when the new Alkimos train station is finished in 2023 and travel times to the city will be greatly reduced when the new Mitchell Freeway extension is complete. 


South of the River



If you’re a lover of water sports, Baldivis is the ideal location. Only a 30 min drive south of the city, Baldivis is close to many of Perth’s top tourist spots. The popular water ski park is right on your doorstep and it’s only a short drive to Safety Bay, Penguin Island and world-class snorkelling and diving. As for all your essential amenities, they’re all just minutes away.

Madora Bay

This idyllic coastal suburb is located 10 minutes north of Mandurah and is well known for its stunning white sandy beaches and world-class golf course. You won’t need to travel far to find major shopping centres, transport, dining as well as endless recreational options. Fishing, crabbing, boating – it’s an ideal lifestyle.  


East Of Perth


Southern River

East of Perth is the suburb of Southern River. It is a well-established suburb with plenty of amenities and recreational facilities. For young families, there are several grassy parks and playgrounds and plenty of nature surrounding the area, including nearby national parks located east of the suburb. 

Henley Brook

If you love visiting the Swan Valley region, maybe it’s time to consider living there. Henley Brook is in the heart of the Swan Valley and encapsulates the relaxed, family-friendly feel of the area. As you can imagine, dining and entertainment options are endless, and you’ll never get tired of being surrounded by nature.  

Benefits of buying a house and land package

Building Planning

There are several reasons to buy a house and land package. Aside from getting out of the rent trap or taking out a larger than expected mortgage for an established home, here are a few points to consider.

Less time consuming 

  • Much of the running around and hard work is done for you 
  • The house is selected to specifically fit the block of land 
  • No wasted weekends looking for the right land or house design

A new home with modern features

  • Instead of buying established, build a modern looking home
  • New smart features and long-term energy-saving benefits
  • Building gives you a lot of bonus inclusions for no added cost

Financial benefits of a house and land package 

  • First home buyers pay zero stamp duty on land valued up to $300,000
  • House and land packages are often better value than buying each separately 
  • You have the house and land loan in one, making it much easier to manage

If you want to find a house and land package in Perth, talk to Blueprint Homes. 

Blueprint will help you find the perfect package for you and can even help you arrange finance.

You can see which house and land packages are available now or for more information contact Blueprint Homes.

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