5 Reasons Why It’s Better To Buy A House And Land Package


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There are plenty of people wanting to build their dream home right now – the issue for many is finding land. You may have your heart set on a certain suburb or a particular style of house but getting both of those wishes come true may seem unlikely.

The best approach is to look at a house and land package. If you know the suburb you want to live in you can jump online, search that suburb and find the perfect house to match the block. 

It makes sense – especially if you’re building with a custom builder like Blueprint Homes. Once you’ve found the land and seen the house, you can still make custom changes to the layout. Suddenly, the house you want, in the suburb you want doesn’t seem that impossible.

Buying a house and land package does have plenty of benefits, let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why it’s better to buy a house and land package.

What are the benefits of a House and Land Package?

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1. You get a brand new home

Even if you’ve been involved throughout the building process, you’ll still get tingles as you open the door on your newly finished home. Nothing compares to a brand new home with brand new flooring and fittings. You’ve got your very own blank canvas ready for you to make your mark and turn the house into a home. You’ll also probably have a range of brand-new appliances – many of which may have been included with the building price.    

2. Less effort to get the house and land you want

Finding land and choosing a house is extremely time consuming. You can’t do both simultaneously, and sometimes the home you love won’t match the block you want. Instead of spending your weekends running around looking at display homes and talking to land developers, why not let your home builder do all the leg work for you? They will have already matched the home and block so all you need to do is pick your suburb and see if home design is perfect for you. 

3. The house and land package is one loan

If you have a set budget and don’t want any hidden surprises, a house and land package will suit you perfectly. Using Blueprint Homes’ House and Land Package Finder you can set your budget upfront, search your suburb and find the house packages that are available. 

Blueprint Homes’ inhouse finance specialists can work with your budget to ensure you have one simple repayment and a package you can comfortably afford. With your better interests always in mind they will avoid complicated home loans and ensure you always get market leading products.

4. The house is perfectly designed for the block of land

When builders look at a block of land, they look at the width and length and orientation of the block. They want to ensure that the house will take full advantage of the natural elements, like heat and light in winter. They’ll also position the home so that the main living areas won’t cop the full brunt of the summer sun. It may not seem obvious when your design is on paper, but all of these decisions will make a huge difference to your quality of life.

5. Financial savings when buying a house and land package

Each house and land package has its own benefits but there are usually significant savings on the land component. That can be due to the homebuilder having better buying power or it can come down to your personal circumstances. If you’re a first home owner, you’ll pay zero stamp duty on any land you buy up to the value of $300,000. 

But it doesn’t end there, there are numerous incentives out there that can assist buyers into the market. These schemes can help buyers save thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees and charges. 

Who can help you find a house and land package?

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If you want to find out why else you should consider buying a house and land package, talk to the team at Blueprint Homes.

Blueprint currently has over 250 house and land packages available. Visit Blueprint online to see the packages or contact us if you’d like to talk to a consultant.

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