How To Get A Custom Home Built Without The Big Price Tag


Custom Design kitchen  

If you were building a home several years ago, you would have noticed a clear difference between a custom home builder and a project home builder. You selected a builder based on the house design and, of course, your budget. Today, there are builders that combine both project and custom building to ensure you get the home you want without blowing your budget.

Finding a project builder that allows you to add custom touches to your home is rare but hugely beneficial. Essentially, you’re getting the home design you want  without having to outlay costly architect fees. You may have already visited a few display homes and thought “if only that room was at the back of the house” or “I wish this room was a little bigger”. All of this is possible if you choose the right builder.

Ready to find out how you can get a custom home built without the big price tag?

What is a custom home design?

Custom Design Home

As mentioned, the line between a custom home builder and project builder has somewhat blurred. A company like Blueprint Homes sits somewhere in the middle as they’ll happily build a project home but will also go the extra mile to ensure the home is right for your block. That could mean something as simple as flipping the design so that you have your living areas facing north to maximise natural light and warmth

Maybe you like 75% of the current design but want to include a study, add a separate zone for the kids or move the theatre room. Your builder can redesign your plans to make it happen. Remember, this is the biggest investment of your life, so choose a builder who is prepared to build the home you want.

Why should I custom design my home?

Custom home bathroom

Many new home buyers discover that project home designs are perfect for their wants and needs. It’s no surprise. Each home is carefully created by highly qualified in-house designers to maximise the area of land available and fit the location of the block. Unlike land sales in the 80s and 90s where blocks were divided up in random shapes and sizes, new land sales are releasing blocks with regular sizes and similar orientation. This makes it much easier to find an existing layout that is suited to your block.

Having a builder that also offers custom design means no compromise. The home you build should accommodate you and your family today and in the future. While builders try to design homes to suit all people, we all know that’s impossible. We all have different tastes. Being able to make small changes and cater to your personal taste is a huge benefit.

What parts of my home can I customise?

Custom Design Scullery

You may or may not be surprised to hear that most of Blueprint Homes’ customers build their homes exactly to plan. Much of Blueprint’s standard features go above and beyond what most other project builders offer. However, there are some common features that new home builders ask to change, these include:

  • Increase height in living areas with an extra course or two of bricks
  • Relocate, add or remove a room
  • Lengthen or widen a room
  • Upgrade standard fixtures
  • Move or change light fixtures
  • Add a scullery to the kitchen (a feature that now comes standard in many Blueprint homes)

If you’d like to find out how you can get a custom home built without paying custom builder prices, contact the team at Blueprint Homes.

Blueprint Homes is WA’s most awarded builder for customer service having been presented 15 service awards between the HIA and MBA.

Talk to the team at Blueprint Homes today and make your dream home a reality.

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