7 Questions To Ask When Visiting Display Homes In Perth


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Visiting display homes is one of the most important and exciting steps of the home building process. While you may have looked at your dream home online, nothing quite compares to seeing a finished and furnished version of your home.

Now, chances are you’re going to visit a few display homes – probably on the same day. To narrow down your choice of home and builder, make sure you go in armed with all the right questions.

It’s quite natural to be more excited about the home than the builder but try to reserve some questions for the builder. After all, if you choose a reputable building company, you’ll have fewer issues in the long run.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of 7 questions to ask when visiting display homes in Perth.

1. Will my home look the same as the display home?

A display home is often the best version of that particular home. It’ll have the best kitchen, possibly slightly larger living areas and the ceilings may be a few courses higher. The display home is effectively a sales tool, so it’s meant to excite you from the moment you walk in. Ask the consultant if any areas have been altered and what you can expect if you were to build that same home.

2. Can I make changes to the layout of the home?

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This will all depend on your builder. Some builders won’t budge from the original design while companies like Blueprint Homes allow homeowners to customise the floorplan. If you’ve got a layout in mind, talk to your builder and see if they will let you make changes. Often, the builder will work with you to ensure your home is designed to fit the block and match your lifestyle.

3. Does the purchase price include all the same fixtures and fittings?

You may find that the display home you’re looking at is finished with luxury fixtures. Even if everything is included, ask your builder whether the products you see come at a higher price. Little things like a clothesline, letterbox or unique landscaping features may not be included in the build. Talk to the display home consultant and get a clear picture of what’s included in the final price.

4. Are you a local Perth builder?

If you live in Perth and your building in Perth, you’ll want to know that you’re dealing with a Perth based builder. Communication is one of the most important factors in the building process. Knowing that you can talk to your builder, visit their office or meet them on site is crucial to your peace of mind. 

5. What’s the difference between inclusions and optional extras?

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Standard inclusions will vary from builder to builder and home to home. The builder should clearly state what is included in the home (inclusion) and what you’re going to have to pay for (optional extra). Don’t assume because one builder includes a luxury kitchen in the base price that all builders will do the same. 

6. How are you different to other Perth builders?

Just like any other industry, the building game is very competitive and builders work hard to separate themselves from the competition. Some builders specialise in single storey homes and add their special touches to ensure your home is built stronger and lasts longer. Ask your builder what they do differently and how it will affect you in the long run.  

7. How long will it take to build my home? 


This is a very important question as it will affect so much in your life, including how long you need to sign a rental agreement. Given the current housing boom (due to the government building grants) homes may take slightly longer than normal to build. Let’s face it, no one building a home wants a rush job and if there is a slight delay in building you should see it as a good thing – your builder is not just trying to finish the job, they are taking their time to make sure the job is done right.  

Hopefully, these questions will help you find the perfect home and the right builder. If you want to talk to a Perth based building company about display home viewing hours or purchasing a display home, contact Blueprint Homes

Blueprint Homes currently has several display homes to view and ex-display homes for sale. Don’t forget to bring this list of questions with you so that you can walk away full of confidence that you’re making the right choice.

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