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Scott Cam home inclusions


Your builder should make it simple and easy for you to view and select various products and inclusions for your new home.

From carpets, tiles, benchtops and colours, to ovens and cooktops – and items like air conditioning, bath and tapware… you want to know (and see, touch and feel) what the choices are! To make this process really easy, Blueprint Homes have an actual “Home Gallery” set up at their Balcatta premises that’s like an art gallery of everything you’re going to get in your home.

It saves you hopping from display home to display home to view what’s on offer, and you get to see exactly what you like, so you can completely personalise your home. With top-quality imported, European-inspired fittings coming standard, there’s sure to be something that you fancy. Also, you can come into the Home Gallery before you build – or even before you decide to build. It’s fantastic and in my book, an absolute must. Make sure you check it out because it’s a ripper!




Having clear, thoroughly detailed and accurate building plans is a must for a smooth-running project. After all, you definitely want to avoid delays, variations and cost blow-outs. A lack of good building plans, leads to guessing on site. And unfortunately, a missing or messy dimension on your house plan can have costly consequences.

Anything that is not clear on the plan will need your written direction and approval. Changes may also count as a variation, which means added expense. Changes, after you’ve signed your contract, can also slow works right down and lead to delays which affect your wallet further.


As the building owner, you can avoid all the ruckus by making sure your plans include:

  • Elevations (Front, each side, and back)
  • Site plan with drainage arrangement
  • Cross section drawings
  • Electrical plans and power points
  • Data and antenna points
  • Driveway
  • Details of any variations made
  • Cornices
  • Floor finishes plan
  • Plumbing plans
  • Plan to scale and floor levels marked
  • Ceiling heights (standard is 2400MM )
  • Internal doors
  • Windows and window type
  • Wardrobes with measurements
  • Joinery, shelving, and built-in cabinets
  • Garage and its dimensions
  • Roor plan with gutters and downpipes
  • Heating, cooling, insulation

Thoroughly check all your plans, drawings and paperwork with your designer, and together make sure there is nothing that’s either non-specific or missing. Also, avoid any notations on your building plans that say, “to be determined on site.”

So before you sign on the dotted line, do your due diligence and the building process will be a fantastic experience for you – and everyone involved

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