New Home Design Trends for 2021


New Home Office

After spending so much time indoors during 2020, people are much more certain about what they want and don’t want in a new home. We saw families having to adapt to both homeschooling and working from home at the same time. Naturally, extra space and separate zones became key discussion points. 

So, has the pandemic directly affected new home trends for 2021? What structural and interior designs are we likely to see more of? Let’s see what some of Australia’s leading building and renovation designers are saying.

Adaptable layouts for new homes

New Home - Kids Zone

Whether it’s space for an out-of-work office or a makeshift classroom, having the ability to create new zones within the home is ideal. We may start to see more homes with non-permanent walls or solid doors that can act as a room divider. While we’re not ready to give up our love of open plan living just yet, having the option to modify an interior layout when, and if, needed is a welcome addition to any home. 

If you’re building a set design home, look for a builder who also allows custom designs. Maybe you want to convert a bedroom into a second study area or include a kid’s zone at the back of the home. Not all Perth builders will let you do this, but custom builders like Blueprint Homes are happy to design a home that fits you.

A natural new home

New Home Indoor & Outdoor

In Perth, we’re lucky to be surrounded by nature. Whether it’s the eucalypts at the local park or the majestic Indian Ocean, we love having nature around us. For those who experienced longer lockdowns, the craving for the outdoors was even greater and designers have taken note.   

Homeowners who are looking for a new home design that incorporates indoor/outdoor living won’t have to search far. The Perth weather is perfect for this type of lifestyle and many builders of new homes already incorporate large alfresco areas with big bi-fold or sliding doors. 

We should also see a rise in earthy tones and a variety of textures throughout homes. Natural textures like wood, wool and stone are a great counterbalance to the multiple high-tech devices that surround us.  

Colours that make you happy

New Home Colours

The new trends in interior colours are yet another by-product of spending time at home. If we are going to spend more time indoors, then it may as well be in a light, bright happy environment. Designers are looking to move away from shades of grey, black and white and towards something a little bolder and brighter. 

Some of the colours we could see popping into homes this year include yellow, ochre, mustard as well as blondes and beiges. Sticking with the indoor/outdoor theme, natural colours like leafy greens and rich browns may also become common colour selections. People often feel that bright, bold colours are overpowering – it’s all about creating an interior that makes you feel happy. For you, it might be a splash of colour on one wall or the colour of the flooring that creates a feeling of joy.   

Of course, there is another way to brighten up your home – natural light. When people started spending more time indoors, they realised how dark their homes were. Skylights soon became a must-have feature and the trend has continued in 2021. No one wants to have the lights on day and night and run up a big power bill in the process. Being able to capture natural sunlight is a surefire way to create a warm, happy environment. 

Homes that are practical and uncomplicated

New Home with Scullery

The movement of minimising clutter and only keeping what you need (or what makes you happy) is still going strong. Designers believe that homeowners want a certain stillness and minimalist look in their home designs. It’s also about utilising every space you can. If you can turn an unused area into more storage space, that’s ideal. Let’s face it – we’re not throwing everything away, so it’s always great if you can create spaces that keep clutter out of view.

The kitchen is an area that always requires more space. While not a new trend for 2021, the kitchen scullery fits in with the concept of decluttering. You can still have all the latest appliances without having everything crammed into one area.

If you want to see what home designs fit the trends of 2021, talk to the team at Blueprint Homes. They have a huge range of designs that incorporate all the latest trends:

  • Indoor/outdoor living 
  • Separate zones for adults and children
  • Large kitchen and scullery
  • Clean, sleek designs
  • Option to custom design your home 

If you’re ready to build the home of your dreams, contact the team at Blueprint Homes.

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