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It wasn’t so long ago that new homes were pretty basic. New home buyers would move in only to be confronted with a list of things to do which became expensive and time consuming.

Things like floor coverings (apart from wet areas) were not included. Window treatments were not included – remember driving past brand new homes with the windows taped up with newspaper! Paving to your front door or alfresco were not included, even soakwells and flyscreens. The excitement of building a home soon passed once owners started having to dig their own soakwells. I’ve dug a few in my time and it’s not a lot of fun. I’ve known of new home buyers who have taken years to complete their homes.

At Blueprint Homes we like to make life a lot easier for new home buyers, so you can enjoy your new home from the day you move in. All our homes have the soakwells in place, flyscreens, paving, driveway and most homes have “Inclusions Packages” which means your home is complete from day one.

Inclusions packages are quite common with most builders but they are not all the same and many don’t offer what we would consider a complete package, such as in our Infinity Range. It’s what’s incorporated in the inclusions that makes us better and it’s all part of the initial house cost, so you know upfront what you are getting.

You’re not going to get caught out with hidden costs. Do your homework and find out how much it would really cost to buy and install a reverse cycle ducted air-conditioning system in your home after its been competed, or the cost of tiling and carpeting the whole house. Once you’ve done that, you’ll realise just how much value there is in our complete inclusion packages.

I reckon these inclusions packages are great for new home buyers. Don’t get fooled by builders offering a low initial price only to find out after you’ve read the fine print that it’s going to cost you thousands more to make your home liveable.

We are totally transparent with all our new buyers – we spell out exactly what’s included in the price. So before you build, speak with one of our team and compare what you get versus other builders.

To read more about what’s included with our homes, read my blog “So, exactly what’s included”.

I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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