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Design Your Own Home

We can custom design your home to suit your style & budget. We can take your home design ideas and turn them into the home of your dreams.

We can design your home floor plans based on your land size, including narrow lots, and include all the design elements to suit your lifestyle.

Since 2005, Blueprint Homes has been designing award-winning homes and has won 11 customer service awards. Three essential home design criteria for these awards are:

  • Assisting with the home design process
  • Value for money & overall meeting expectations
  • Value for money & overall meeting expectations

Home Design Process

During our 4-step custom home design process, you will have a home design that suits your lifestyle, price and design requirements.

  1. Design Matrix: A Perth home design specialist will go through our “Design Matrix” to ensure that no critical design elements are missing.
  2. Design Floorplan: The next step would be to custom design your floorplan to suit your lifestyle & land requirement.
  3. Scaled Home Drawing: Next would be scaled drawings of your home so that you can get your home approved by your land developer and shire.
  4. Design Guidelines: During the whole process, we will ensure your home complies with land developer & shire guidelines.
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