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Your house designed just how you like it with a cosy interior and elegant touches. This could mean air-con, high ceilings, LED lights and classy looking tile or timber floors … or what do you reckon about having spacious walk-in robes in your master bedroom? Mind you, it might be a chef’s kitchen you’re after with European inspired inclusions.

Whatever the case, your dream home is calling your name! Now, keen as you are to kick off your build, there are a few things to think about first.

Your builder

To start with, choosing your Perth home builder will be one of the biggest decisions you make

  • You’ve got to know what you’re doing to build your own home (and be an owner-builder). Assuming you’re new at this, you’ll want a residential builder who specialises in the type of house, either being a single or double-storey home, to do the job for you because there’s a well-oiled process already in place. Plus, when you find one with a good track record, like Blueprint Homes, there’s a whole lot less you’ll have to worry about.
    Blueprint’s award-winning customer service team will help you through the entire home building process with ease. Plus, their MyHome Hub tool keeps you updated on the progress, so you’re always on top of your home building project.
  • With Blueprint Homes it’s a great customer experience (and it’s exactly how they’ve managed to win so many customer service awards.).

You’ll need a builder who you can trust will be organised. Because, when your builder has their act together, you’re set for a worry-free experience and absolutely no nasty surprises.

  • Now quickly, on the subject of home layout and design… your builder will offer a ready range of choices upfront, and from here it’s easy to make any variation you want.
  • When it comes to the curly subject of costs, I also cover some of the less obvious costs that owners don’t always see coming. For sure a good builder will explain all costs upfront, but doing your own homework helps so you have the right expectations. And, Oh boy… expectations are everything when building a home.

House Pads

Land Location

If you’re keen to build, the next question is, Where do you want to live?

  • Chances are because you’re building, you’ll want to stay put for a while.
  • Consider your lifestyle. What facilities do you want close by? How far is too far from family and friends, the kids’ school and sport… and your work?
  • Before picking a location that’s twenty kilometres from Woop Woop, make sure you think it through. A long commute each day could make you cranky.

Check out Blueprint’s House & Land Packages in Perth.

Local Shire

With location locked in, next is getting cluey about the local shire’s requirements.

During your initial information session with Blueprint, they can liaise with the local shire on your behalf regarding residential planning codes, zoning regulations and environmental (such as tree or bushfire) policies. This way, you’ll steer clear of trouble and plan things right.

House design and block

  • If you already have a floor plan in mind, Blueprint can check this against the shire’s allowable building footprint, also known as your “building envelope”. It’s the area(s) on your land you’re allowed to build on, and usual setbacks are 4.5m from front to living, and 5.5m from front to garage… with a 0.9m side setback.
  • Another word to remember is ‘easement’. This is a restricted section of your land allowing access for utilities. Things like storm water, sewerage, drains and electricity cabling.

When you know your envelope and easement, you will know what size
home you can build.

When you have the above info sorted, ask these questions next

Which way does the lot face?

If most of your windows face north you get natural heating and cooling to your home. If your living rooms face north, bedrooms south-east; and your garage, west… now that’s a beauty!

Is it noisy nearby?

Pick this up early on and you can position your house for peace and quiet.

Is your block rocky, sloped, or an odd shape

These things may sound testy, but with planning they can be nutted out. In a future article, we’ll cover more details on design and how you can find the right block without a hassle.

Verticore Construction

Site prep

The potential cost of your siteworks is something to know about right up front. Site works can hit your pocket. This is especially the case if your block needs heavy excavation work to it get it sorted, safe and suitable for your slab to go down.

  • First up, you’ll need to consider the site’s soil type.
  • Second, if your block needs trees or rocks removed, any kind of levelling (especially for a sloping block), or if it requires retaining walls or drainage, the costs can add up.
  • What I also tell people before they buy a block, or build a house; is check with the selling agent that there is no restrictions or covenants on the land title which can limit the build.
  • Also, have a surveyor take a gander at the lot before you buy. This will give you an idea of site conditions before getting too gung-ho with pressing ‘Go!’

Your contract

Now, to keep your build process going smooth and problem-free– and keep more money in your pocket, it’s really important to be clear on everything in your contract.

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