Blueprint Homes offers a comprehensive design, build and project management service for all types of residential strata development projects.

From straight-forward house-behind-house designs on your existing block, to duplex or triplex developments, or more complex multi-unit sites, the Blueprint Homes development team will ensure that your strata project is a hassle and stress-free one, designed to maximise your block’s potential and investment yield.

Highly experienced in the building industry, our specialist Senior Design Consultant Edwin Meyerkort has assessed, valued, advised and managed hundreds of strata development projects.

Edwin’s deep experience means there’s no project type or development scenario he hasn’t been exposed to. Edwin’s expertise, sound advice and guidance is invaluable to residential investors looking to maximise their returns.

Edwin Meyerkort
Senior Design Consultant – Specialist Strata/Subdivisions

Develop with Blueprint Homes and you’ll benefit from:

  • 8awards_blueprinthomesA free initial consultation to determine your site’s true development potential
  • A free on-site assessment to ensure you’re maximising your investment opportunity
  • A Land Finder Service to find a suitable development site should you require land
  • Determination and recommendation for the best design possible for your project
  • A complete budget and Project Cost Quotation, including feasibility analysis
  • Re-zoning advice and guidance for your area
  • Assist you with the subdivision, demolition and all head works
  • All approvals obtained including Planning and Building Licenses
  • All government and utility approvals obtained
  • A detailed project timeline
  • A high quality design and construction outcome
  • 9 time award winning customer service
  • Finance assistance via InReach Finance
  • Turnkey product available


Duplex, Triplex or Multi-Unit? We’ll assess your land parcel to determine the best design outcome to maximise your investment return.

Whether you’re an experienced residential investor or a first timer looking to maximise the value of a personal land holding, you can rest assured knowing that our team will deliver the same high-quality build and award-winning customer service that comes with the Blueprint Homes name.

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