We’re taking the financial stress out of building your new home.

We know that when it comes to building your new home personal finances can prove tricky to manage over the course of your build.

That’s why we’ve introduced our new ‘Stress Less’ No Mortgage Repayments Plan in conjunction with our friends at InReach Finance.

You may not be aware, but over the course of your new home build periodical payments are required as certain construction milestones are achieved. These costs increase as the loan amount for your new home build is discharged up to its full value, increasing your monthly mortgage repayments accordingly.

These costs are separate to the repayments on your block of land, that you will already be paying off from your date of settlement.

And both these costs could be in addition to any rent, existing mortgage or housing cost that you are currently paying!

These costs add up and can really stretch the average household budget.

With Blueprint Homes Stress Less No Mortgage Repayments Plan, we’ll cover the monthly repayment costs on not only your new home build, but also on your land repayments too!

That’s an offer too good to refuse and can really take the financial pressure off.



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*Blueprint Homes will cover mortgage repayments (interest only) on selected house and land packages up to a maximum of $10,000 for up to 35 weeks for land (30days from settlement) and up to $10,000 for up to 26 weeks on construction (from date of slab down) when finance is facilitated by InReach Finance. Eligibility criteria, terms and conditions apply. InReach Finance is a subsidiary of Blueprint Homes and is an Authorised Credit Representative of DMEE Holdings PTY LTD Australian Credit License 469248.



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