Home Builder Frequently Asked Questions

Building a home can at first seem like a daunting experience for many but rest assured that we will offer expert advice, guidance and ongoing support as part of our service to you. After all, building a house should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience!

To help demystify the process we’ve gathered a range of questions that our customers often ask us about when building their new home. We know you’ll find it helpful, so take a look, and feel to contact us with any questions that you may have.

We’re here to help!

We’re thinking about building and need some early advice.
I want to customise a home design.
Can I afford a one or two storey home?
I need to find the right block to build on.
I’ve got a block but I’m not sure if my house will fit.
I’ve got my own plan and want it costed and inclusions confirmed.
What does it realistically cost to build a home?
What are the costs for building on rear blocks?
I need help with finance. What can I afford?
What is the payment schedule for a new home?
Can I afford to rent and borrow for a new home?
Can I see all the inclusions and specifications in the Home Gallery?
I would like a 3D walk-through of my home design.
Will my furniture fit my design?
I’ve heard good things about Blueprint. Let’s get started!
I have something else important to ask!

How do I find a Perth Builder with a reputation I can trust?

Firstly look at how long they have been in the building business. Then search on their website, their Facebook page or elsewhere on the internet for testimonials from past clients.

Have they won any industry awards from the WA Housing Industry Association or Master Builders Association? These are independent awards and, in fact, Customer Service Awards are actually judged by people building new homes in Perth not just the industry. Blueprint Homes have been building homes in Perth since 2005 and currently build around 500 homes a year, we have won multiple awards including the much coveted WA HIA Customer Service State award in 2014. Read our testimonials on this web site to see how happy our customers are. We’re sure that our reputation will fill you with confidence.

As a first home builder will I be supported at every stage of my new home build?

Blueprint Homes have a VIP Customer Service programme which ensures you are kept informed every step of the way.

You will be given the opportunity to provide regular feedback so we can continually monitor and if necessary improve our systems. Having a trustworthy relationship with our team which includes a Sales Consultant, Client Relations Coordinator, Prestart Consultant and Construction Support/Client Liaison is also critical. This energetic team of people will be by your side from day one to answer questions and make you feel very comfortable and ‘in-touch’ with the construction of your home. Blueprint Homes have a set of core values which are the foundation of our culture. Honesty, integrity, teamwork and a positive attitude make us stand out from other builders and ensure ‘trust’ is a key part of our relationship with clients.

Is it better to choose a large Perth home builder or small home builder?

The perception that a small home builder can provide a more personalized service is not always true.

The building process is quite complicated at every level and larger home builders like Blueprint Homes have more people and a proven infrastructure to make sure your home is built efficiently. We also have better buying power and a greater pool of quality trades than smaller home builders allowing us to put together more affordable house and land packages and improve on build time.

I am from the Eastern States and am only used to brick veneer homes – why are homes built with double brick in WA?

There are many advantages with using double brick construction with acoustic and thermal stability being among them. In addition, with Perth’s flat and sandy soils it is a very cost effective option unlike other areas of Australia.

When I build a new home do I need to get local council/shire approvals?

Yes and the great new is it is all done on your behalf as part of the service we provide.

How long does it take to build a new home?

It is our goal to have the building process from start to finish completed in the most effective timeframe.

Talk to your Blueprint Homes sales consultant to learn the latest on typical build times.

Will my new home be energy efficient? Does this cost more?

All homes must comply with government 6 Star energy regulations. These can change quite regularly however all of our homes comply with the 6 Star rating which equates to more cost effective use of heating/cooling energy, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. We are continually seeking more efficient ways to improve this.

Why is no one working on my building site?

It is not uncommon for builders to be confronted with this question. The expectation is that once started a mass of tradesmen will be working tirelessly everyday on your site.

In reality the building process is a complex one and often trades will be waiting for materials to dry before moving on or waiting for materials to arrive. Occasionally schedules are disrupted by weather. This is unavoidable however you can be assured that at Blueprint Homes everything possible will be done to ensure your home is being completed as quickly as possible.

What happens if I have problems after I have moved in?

Blueprint Homes stand behind every home we sell. You can rest assured that should something uncommon/unusual happen, one of our experienced construction team will be at hand to investigate and resolve the situation as soon as possible.

How do I know whether the home design will fit on my block of land?

Easy. Simply show your block plan to a Blueprint Homes Consultant and they can tell you not only if your preferred design will fit but also suggest other designs and even ‘flip’ the plan to maximize orientation on the block. This is normal for our consultants and is quick, easy and at no cost.

Can I have a home design that I just walk in and have nothing to do?

Yes. Blueprint Homes have a ‘fully finished’ option on most of their homes which includes LED lighting, painting, full floor coverings and window treatments. They can even arrange landscaping so there’s nothing for you to do.

How do I know what home design is best for me?

There are many factors to consider and that’s why Blueprint Homes have a wide range of designs and specification levels.

For instance an investor might want a small fully completed ‘turn-key’ home that is easy to maintain and will provide good rental return or a growing family may want to live in one of Blueprint’s large 5 bedroom homes. Every client has different needs and lifestyle objectives. Do you want a big kitchen with scullery, do you need a home office, is a home theatre right for you, do you want a big alfresco and room for a pool? Do you need a small home now but will that effect resale value?

There is no simple answer that suits everyone. Your Blueprint Consultants are highly trained to work out the best option for you. They are great listeners and by understanding your needs they can provide ideas and solutions – all free of charge.

View our home designs here

Can I make changes to home designs?

Our range of designs meet the expectations of most new home buyers however, because everyone is different we frequently make changes. These can be quite simple such as moving a wall to make an area bigger and every Blueprint Homes Consultant is trained in computer home design so can make small changes in front of you.

How much does it cost for a consultant to change plans?

This would depend on the type and extent of any changes. All our plans can be altered to reduce the size of the home to meet your budget and as easily increased to reach your own personal requirements.

How do I know what’s included in the price?

Every home comes with a specification sheet which the Consultant can discuss with you.

This details everything from doors to floor tiling, power points to pot drawers – it’s a very comprehensive list. Viewing a display home is a good start however make sure you do this with the Consultant so you are clear what is included because many builder’s display homes are packed with the very best ‘optional extras’. Blueprint Homes have various levels of specification to suit your budget and will work with you so you know exactly what you are getting.

Building a home is a big financial risk isn’t it?

No. Building a home should be an exciting experience and a financially rewarding one.

Dealing with an award winning builder with a proven track record like Blueprint Homes should ally any fears and you are also covered by Housing Indemnity Insurance and an HIA Fixed Price Contract so it’s pretty clear that when you build with Blueprint you’ve made the right choice.

How much deposit do I need to build my own home?

Blueprint Homes has a team of financial advisors that can provide great finance packages. Generally you will need $2,000 to get started however, even with no savings or deposits there are packages that they can work out for you. Feel free to contact them for a no obligation assessment.

Are there advantages for First Home buyers?

Absolutely. There is a Government incentive called the First Home Owners Grant of $10,000 that can be used by first home buyers.

This amount is not available for people buying established homes. Very simply if your name hasn’t been on a home contract previously you should qualify as long as you are over 18 years old. Our financial advisors can provide all the information you need to find out if you qualify.

Do I have to pay stamp duty?

No. There is no stamp duty on new homes or new house and land packages.

Do I have to get finance before I speak with Blueprint homes about building a new home?

No. Blueprint Homes financial advisors can arrange a finance package for you. However, if you prefer to make your own finance arrangements it makes no difference to the contract price of your new Blueprint home.

I get confused about finance, government grants, stamp duty and deposits and whether I can even get finance if I have a poor credit history – is there an easy solution?

Yes. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Blueprint Homes can help you get finance (there are even special finance packages that take into account your past credit history), source land, design and build your home. We will detail all the costs involved in a simple, hassle free and easy to understand way.

Am I making any kind of commitment if I make an appointment with a Blueprint Homes consultant?

Absolutely not. During our first meeting we will share information with you and try to understand your needs and objectives. All the information we provide to you on finance, home design and land availability is given freely- there is no commitment to proceed.

Do I need to have a block of land before I appoint a builder?

No. Blueprint Homes can assist you with a block that will suit the home that best suits your lifestyle needs.

These house and land packages in Perth are becoming very popular. If you already own a block, our design consultants will ensure the home design fits the orientation of your block perfectly.

What are siteworks and do I have to pay for them?

Siteworks, sometimes called earthworks, are the costs involved to ensure the land is ready to build on.

This involves a contour survey and report of the soil and very simply leveling the land in preparation to laying the concrete slab down. Everyone building encounters sitework costs and these vary considerably. In most new land estates blocks are generally already flat, level and on a sandy base so sitework costs are low. It is only in unusual circumstances where a block is on a severe slope and with rock underneath that sitework costs rise significantly. At Blueprint Homes we frequently run ‘Fixed Siteworks’ promotions so it’s advisable to speak with a Blueprint Homes Consultant.

What are the payment stages?

There are six progress payment stages during the construction period with the first “Remainder of Deposit” invoice being issued during the Scheduling stage of your new home. The slab down, plate high, roof cover, lock up and handover claims will follow.

Please note if you qualify for a Government assisted “Keystart” loan there are only three progress payment stages being issued at plate high, lock up and practical completion.



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