Excellent customer service

We are currently in the process of building an investment property with your company, and we wanted you to be aware of the service we received from one of your consultants.

As first time investors we spent countless hours and many months trying to find a building company that would satisfy our needs of “value for money” as well as “excellent customer service.”

Even though we had built our first home with your company, and we had no major issues; we were a bit reluctant to come back to Blueprint Homes for our second build…

However, the issue that decided us on which company to choose, came down to customer service.

From the very first time that we met Joe, he has been an outstanding consultant.

He has exemplified all the good qualities of a consultant providing excellent customer service. He was never pushy, was always ready to help with our many queries, was available at all times (and even after hours!!), and did all changes to the plans happily and without resentment.

Furthermore he made many great suggestions and we were happy to benefit from the knowledge he displayed. This then became the deciding factor for us.

We felt that going back to Blueprint Homes would be best, because of the service we received from Joe. Knowing that we can call on Joe anytime during the build process has been a motivating factor.

We look forward to building with your company.

Kind regards

Mahomed and Hafza A. Wabh



Scott Cam