Kea and Nicola - South Yunderup

We are currently at the finishing phase of building our home with Blueprint, when the building process actually commenced, we were introduced to our client liason, Sonya Fahie and shortly thereafter our new supervisor, Darren.

From the moment Sonya came on board, she has been immensely helpful, informative and professional. Sonya has gone above and beyond to assist us in coordinating our trades to get our home finished in a timely fashion. While, we have experienced delay’s here and there and things have not always been smooth sailing, Sonya has worked to the best of her ability to fix any issues as they arose and assist in providing possible solutions as well.

Sonya really made the building process a lot easier and less stressful as we always felt like she was working to help us the best she could!

We wanted to make sure that we acknowledged Sonya’s effort and commitment to helping us throughout the building process and thought that if we were to put it in writing that it might allow Sonya to receive some formal acknowledgement of her excellence.

Our building supervisor Darren (we are unsure of his surname) has also been particularly helpful and accommodating to us throughout this build. He has always tried to be helpful and understanding and has always tried to work with us and alongside us during the build. He has been very accommodating and assisted wherever possible to try and get the build completed in a timely fashion. We have numerous friends/family who are also building currently with various builders and none of them have as professional supervisors or client liason’s as we have had and we recognize the massive difference they make in having a good building experience and a bad one. We hope that the feedback given can be passed on to both Darren and Sonya and they can both be acknowledged for their outstanding efforts.

Kind Regards

Kea and Nicola, South Yunderup



Scott Cam