In summary, I cannot speak highly enough of Blueprint. Great team, great communications, beautiful house.

Hi Guys,

We have just taken possession of our new Blueprint home in Amberton, north of Perth. I used this site ( a year ago to prepare a shortlist of potential builders and then grilled them to see who could stand up to my challenging questions. Blueprint went out of their way at point of sale to demonstrate that they have excellent processes, great communications and will build within 22 weeks. Not only that they had a good range of houses to pick from, the “Millbridge” was our pick.

The salesman was keen for our business but was not pushy, just friendly, informative and keen to go the extra mile to win our business. There is a fine line in avoiding being too pushy, and he mastered the line perfectly. He took great care in understanding our needs, for example that we wanted as much room in the audio visual room, don’t need a study room and more alfresco space.

The salesman came up with some marks of genius to amend the design to suit our needs, the changes to design actually saved us money!!

Perhaps one of the best qualities with building with Blueprint is the communications and control of the process throughout. We are given a point of contact during the early stages, then a pre-start consultant manages us for a couple of months, and then we have a separate person who manages the build. Each of these points of contact have a standard of replying to emails and calls within 24 hours, and they all achieved that. And I have to say I wrote many emails!!! The early stage of the process is frustrating, and the majority of this is out of the builders control. However when it comes to the final part, the 22 week build slot, Blueprint just come into their own.

Each of the points of contact (customer service co-ordinators), also go out of their way in advising on other issues out of their control. These co-ordinators were all fantastic during the process, and gave me huge confidence and most importantly took the stress out of the build process. I am not someone who can relax easily till my product is delivered, but Blueprint managed to relax me through their brilliant communications.

Blueprint do not pass on the contact details of the site supervisor, all contact is handled by the customer service co-ordinator as an intermediary. This may appear awkward, it isn’t, it is perfect. This allows the Site Supervisor to just get on and do his job, and the co-ordinator to manage me. We met the supervisor at the beginning of the build and that was that. After that, just let them get on with it.

Blueprint built the home in 20.5 weeks. There is the odd little snag here and there, but the issues are mostly to do with the subcontractors used. I am delighted that Blueprint were still comfortable to allow us to have the keys even though minor snags. The final part of the building process is where you leak money all over the place, as you are paying most of the mortgage on new property whilst still paying rent. Thankfully this pain was minimal.

In summary, I cannot speak highly enough of Blueprint. Great team, great communications, beautiful house… I strongly recommend you give Blueprint a call.

p.s. sorry if this review is long, just can’t write enough about this experience!!




Scott Cam