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Do I need to get council/shire approvals? Why are homes in WA built with double brick? How long does it take to build a house? All this and more are answered in our Home Construction FAQ.

I am from the Eastern States and am only used to brick veneer homes – why are homes built with double brick in WA?

There are many advantages with using double brick construction with acoustic and thermal stability being among them. In addition, with Perth’s flat and sandy soils it is a very cost effective option unlike other areas of Australia.

When I build a new home do I need to get local council/shire approvals?

Yes and the great new is it is all done on your behalf as part of the service we provide.

How long does it take to build a new home?

It is our goal to have the building process from start to finish completed in the most effective timeframe.

Talk to your Blueprint Homes sales consultant to learn the latest on typical build times.

Will my new home be energy efficient? Does this cost more?

All homes must comply with government 6 Star energy regulations. These can change quite regularly however all of our homes comply with the 6 Star rating which equates to more cost effective use of heating/cooling energy, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. We are continually seeking more efficient ways to improve this.

Why is no one working on my building site?

It is not uncommon for builders to be confronted with this question. The expectation is that once started a mass of tradesmen will be working tirelessly everyday on your site.

In reality the building process is a complex one and often trades will be waiting for materials to dry before moving on or waiting for materials to arrive. Occasionally schedules are disrupted by weather. This is unavoidable however you can be assured that at Blueprint Homes everything possible will be done to ensure your home is being completed as quickly as possible.

What happens if I have problems after I have moved in?

Blueprint Homes stand behind every home we sell. You can rest assured that should something uncommon/unusual happen, one of our experienced construction team will be at hand to investigate and resolve the situation as soon as possible.